Commhaven was established and has been growing on the solid foundations and experience of our programmers.
Our market position is based on a network of trusted distributors of our solutions.

people in the team

years of experience
of each programmer

years on the market

We are creating the next generation of technological solutions that can be used in organizations with a network structure. Our systems are implemented by our distributors i.e. in store chains, the fuel industry and fast food restaurants. We realize that technological business support is currently one of the most important elements of competitive advantage.

An essential advantage of our solutions is a high degree of integration of the systems with telecommunication and telemetric technologies as well as with automation, remote control systems or audio-visual building security (access control systems, alarm CCTV).

Our products are adapted to the individual needs, requirements (i.e. security), restrictions/limits (i.e. IT infrastructure capabilities) of the Client.

Together with the Client we work out the final solution (configuration of additional functionalities, customization to requirements/restrictions of the Client), the way of implementing it (when Client’s work is required) and the types of tests/implementation.